Co-Curricular Activities

Junior Wing

6th To 10th

Senior Wing

+1 & +2 (Medical | Non - Medical | Commerce)

Co-Curricular Activities

The purpose of our co-curricular activities is to provide opportunities for the integral personal formation of the student. These activities encourage originality and initiative, they afford an outlet for the student's energy and enthusiasm, and they provide him/her with an opportunity to experience the practical side of the abstract classroom ideals of duty, co-operation and responsibility.

Athletics are encouraged at every level. Football, Hockey, Cricket, Volley ball, Basketball and track events are conducted in groups suitable to the age of the students. Inter Class competition is highly emphasized, for the school believes that the healthy competition on the playing field contributes to the development of a co- operative spirit, sportsmanship, manliness, fair play and other qualities of character needed by future leader.